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We offer automotive locksmith services, deadlock installation, restricted key system, access control installation to home alarm system installation and more. As experts in each of these specialists, we provide these services in Sydney and surrounding areas. 

Barrenjoey: A Sydney Locksmith You Can Depend On!

While many folks don’t even think about a locksmith until they are locked out of their vehicle or home, the fact is that locksmiths can provide valuable services for your home and office, as well as your car. At Barrenjoey, we strive to bring superior customer service to each call out that we make. Whether you want help with your home security and communication systems or have an emergency situation, contact us today!

Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms


If you are worried about making the time to stop by our offices, worry no more! Our mobile locksmiths are able to come directly to your home, office or wherever you need our services!


We understand that emergencies don’t happen according to regular business hours. If you need a locksmith any time of day or night, we will be there. Whether you are locked out of your home or can’t find your car keys, let Barrenjoey help you! A member of our highly trained staff will meet you within an hour.


We provide Sydney car owners with a wide variety of locksmith services, including installation of ignition and car door locks. If someone else has a key to your door, we can eliminate the threat immediately with a new lock and start system. Call our team if you are looking for a an auto locksmith in Sydney

Likewise, we can help you if you have lost or misplaced your keys. We can quickly open the door for you and make a new key if necessary. Our staff will help you understand the options so you can choose wisely.

For those with newer model cars, Barrenjoey can help you too! We can install and replace transponder keys. You can even stop by our offices to have an additional transponder key made while you wait. No matter what your automobile locksmith needs, we have you covered!


No matter where you live, it is essential to the security of your home and belongings to own a home security alarm system. At Barrenjoey, we have extensive experience installing home alarm systems. When you meet with our team, you can present your budget and security needs. Our experts will take that information into consideration, along with the specs related to the job, to determine the best options for your home security alarm.

Whether you have a tiny bungalow or a spacious mansion, our technicians can ensure that people can only go where you allow. With an access control system, you have even greater control over where visitors can enter without a member of the household accompanying them. For larger or busy homes, this is an excellent additional security measure.

You can also discuss Back to Base Monitoring Services with our staff to see if this is the right choice to ensure your safety.


Though old school security systems were limited in their size and scope, modern systems have a host of extras that you can use to improve your experience.

For example, the access control system is available in various levels of security. A keypad number is the lowest level, because it can easily be used by someone else who has discovered the number. Hardware engagement would be the next level; either a card or fob in most cases. Most homes will not require anything more extensive than these levels.

Smoke alarms and detectors often go unnoticed until it is too late. However, our experts can ensure the best organization possible to ensure first responders get to your home quickly in the event of a fire.

Likewise, you deserve to have a home security system that can help in other ways. If a member of your household has a medical condition, you can have a special alarm monitored to ensure that appropriate help is requested when necessary.

At Barrenjoey, we have been serving residential customers since 1975 to ensure that they can rest peacefully at night. As the products and options have changed over time, our experts have continued to keep pace to guarantee that our Sydney customers can depend on our technicians to provide the very best in home security.


Intercoms are an excellent method of communication for dealing with guests. Whether you want a simple system for greeting people without physically opening the door or a more complex system to ensure that people are only granted access to particular areas, we can install the communications and security equipment you need.


Closed circuit television is an excellent addition to any security system. You can quickly find out what was happening at any time point thanks to modern digital technology. Along with a Back to Base Alarm System, you will be able to monitor and protect your property.


While access control systems for the home often depend on a number or perhaps a physical item to access, commercial businesses often require additional layers of security for certain sensitive areas. Biometric readers provide the highest level of security, and can use fingerprints, irises or hand geometry for identification.

Our technicians can use any combination of features, along with a restricted master key system, in order to provide your most valuable assets with the greatest protection possible. With a CCTV system, you will also be able to determine if anyone attempts to breech your security protocols.

If you have a cash-oriented business, you can be a target for thieves seeking a quick score. Increase the safety for yourself and your employees by letting us install a duress button. Alternatively an emergency or panic button might be utilized to provide you with a greater sense of security. Ask our staff about which options are best suited for your company.

Security is about more than alarms. We are proud to supply and install door closers and panic bar exit devices to ensure your commercial businesses are up to code and to keep your customers safe. This is an excellent security protocol to easy panic in an emergency.


If you are unhappy with the current locking mechanisms on your doors, we can install completely new hardware and ensure you have sufficient copies of the keys you need. Whether you want them all to depend on a single key or prefer separate lock and key sets for each door, our professional locksmiths will take care of it!

On the other hand, your problem might not be with the hardware. Have you lost a key, or does someone have a key that you no longer want entering your home? If you have these or similar concerns, talk to our professionals about rekeying the locks you are worried about.

Ensuring your windows are protected from invasions is essential to your home security. Additionally, your insurance company is likely to require you meet certain standards in order for your policy to be validated. Our locksmith experts will go through each room of your home and update the locks to the highest quality you desire.

At Barrenjoey, our security and alarm systems provide multiple options to protect your residential and commercial properties. By employing a multi-layered effort to your security system, you will provide the best protection possible at the price you can afford.

Protecting your family, employees, customers and their belongings is a big responsibility. let us help you with our state-of-the-art locksmith and alarm services. We have been helping customers in and around Sydney for generations and are here for you too! Contact our office today to arrange for a consultation with one of our experts! We are experts in automotive locksmith services Sydney, deadlock installation Sydney, restricted key system Sydney, access control installation Sydney, home alarm system installation Sydney and more.

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We will consult your business to recommend you the best suitable key system solution and design. Our highly qualified technicians will perform site visits and on-site consultation to discover your key system requirements.

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Our electronic security technicians are highly trained in various types of alarm, access control, CCTV and intercom systems for service, sales and installations on residential premises.

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Our highly trained staff are experts in their field, and will suggest the right lock for your security needs and compliance. Whether its fitting new locks to bolster your security or servicing your existing locks, you can be assured we will be fit locks that comply with the current Building Code of Australia regulations and Australian Standards. Please contact us today for a FAST no obligation quote.

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